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Water Doctors & Step Beyond Green to Healthy

Partners in Supporting Healthy Homes A clean, contaminant-free home, including pure water, is vital to your family’s wellbeing. At Water Doctors, improving your water quality

Why You Should Customize Your K5 Filters

The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station can be customized for your unique needs and water characteristics. Here’s why you should choose a custom filter configuration.

Spring and Fall Well Water Issues

Every year during spring and fall, we get a surge of questions about water quality from homeowners that use well water. As the seasons change,

Radium In Waukesha Water

It’s been pretty well-reported that the radium in Waukesha water exceeds federal health guidelines. Radium is a naturally occurring radioactive carcinogen.  It is definitely unhealthy. Here

Removing Chlorine From Water

Removing Chlorine From Water Most folks are now aware that chlorine is unhealthy in drinking water. According to U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risk

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