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Water Systems for Commercial Food Service

Your food and beverage business relies on clean, high-quality water. Not only is water an essential ingredient in everything you serve to customers–it’s also essential for consistent, cost-effective kitchen operations. Upgrade your food service business with a custom water treatment system from Water Doctors.

Water Doctors is an authorized independent Kinetico dealer. That means we’re experts in the highest-rated commercial water systems on the market.

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Better for Your Back of House

Quality Water Keeps Your Kitchen Running Smoothly

Appliances, fixtures, floors–water touches nearly everything in your commercial kitchen. If your water isn’t properly treated, you put your operations (and your bottom line) at risk.

Here’s how clean, soft water from an industry-leading commercial water treatment system benefits your back of house and kitchen area:

  • Maximizes the lifespan of your appliances
  • Keeps warranties on combi ovens and dishwashers valid
  • Improves the efficiency and performance of appliances
  • Lowers costs for consumables like soda syrup
  • Prevents streaking and spotting on flatware, dinnerware, and glassware
  • Reduces the usage rate of expensive janitorial chemicals
  • Protects irreplaceable etching, logos, and decals

Quality water keeps your costs down and lets you concentrate on what matters the most at your restaurant, bar, or cafe: serving your guests.

Better for Your Customers

Serve and Use Quality Water at Your Restaurant

Your customers expect great taste and great service. Exceed their every expectation with the help of high-quality water. Quality water helps your food service business provide:

  • Crystal clear, cloud-free ice
  • Great tasting food and drinks
  • Consistently mixed soft drinks, soda, and other beverages
  • A perfect cup of coffee, just how they like it, every time
  • Spotlessly clean bathrooms, floors, and tabletops

A custom commercial treatment solution keeps your customers happier, healthier, and coming back for more.

The Water Doctors Difference
Designed for High Performance

Kinetico Products

Kinetico’s commercial water treatment products offer the flexibility that your business needs–in both setup and operation.

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Customized for You

Personalized Solutions

We’ll design a water quality system for your business that accounts for your unique operational needs and water characteristics.

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Hassle-free Service

Better Support

We make repairs, salt delivery, inspections, and cleanings simple with a Customer Care Plan that’s right for your business.

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