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Improve Your Water Quality with a Kinetico Water System
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Our planet is made up of 71% of the stuff, and our bodies about sixty, but how often do we think about the fluid that fuels our lives? The difference in what we do is what you DON’T see. No more chalking, staining, soap scum, or iron rings with our water solutions. Water’s what we do. Taste, touch, and smell the Water Doctors difference when you invite our experts into your home for a FREE water test and consultation. Read More

Experience the Difference with Water Doctors: Your Local Water Filtration & Treatment Experts

Water – the essence of life. It’s a fundamental part of our daily existence, essential for cleaning, hydration, bathing, and more. Yet, how often do we ponder the quality of this life-sustaining element? We meticulously assess the quality of our food, clothing, furnishings, and work-life balance, but what about the water we consume and use daily? It’s easy to take it for granted, but there’s more to water quality than meets the eye.

Signs of subpar water quality can manifest throughout your home, affecting everything from your clothing to your plumbing. Clothes prematurely wearing out? Blame it on hard water and chlorine. These culprits can make fabrics harsh, stiff, and fragile. Hard water doesn’t spare your plumbing either; it accelerates pipe erosion due to excessive mineral content. Acidic water can cause similar damage. Moreover, mineral build-up from hard water can form unsightly deposits in appliances like boilers and heaters, reducing their lifespan. In essence, poor water quality can quietly wreak havoc on your clothing, appliances, and home, leading to unnecessary expenses in replacements and repairs.

Fortunately, addressing these concerns is our expertise here at Water Doctors. As Wisconsin’s premier water treatment company, staffed by industry experts, we’re well-equipped to tackle water quality issues. We kick things off with a complimentary water test, pinpointing your water’s primary issue. Armed with the results, we recommend tailored solutions from our extensive range, including Kinetico water softeners, drinking systems, and top-notch water filters. Our commitment doesn’t stop there; we’re at your service for regular maintenance, repairs, and convenient salt delivery.

Why settle for subpar water quality when there’s a solution? As your trusted water filtration company in WI, let us transform your water quality and enhance your life.

Introducing the Kinetico Water Treatment System: Unrivaled Excellence

At Water Doctors, we take immense pride in offering Kinetico products, including the acclaimed Kinetico Signature Series and Premier Series Water Softeners. Our commitment to integrity drives us to provide industry-leading Kinetico water treatment systems, endorsed by the Water Quality Association for their unparalleled efficiency. With Water Doctors, you not only get top-tier water treatment but also a trusted and friendly water filtration system company.

Your Trusted Local Water Treatment Partner in Wisconsin – Contact Us Today

We’re eager to hear about the water quality issues you’re facing. Whether you reside in Waukesha, Milwaukee, or Madison, Water Doctors is here to serve you. Reach out to us at 262-549-7733 to schedule your complimentary water quality test today!

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Drink Clean

When you reach for a glass of water, the last thing you want to taste is harsh chemicals or worry about what else is in your drinking water. With a Kinetico Drinking System, you can ensure things like iron are removed, leaving cleaner, healthier water in your cup.

Feel Clean

Dry, itchy skin? With our water softener solutions, experience what clean truly feels like - in the skin you're in, with the clothes on your back, and the dishes in your cupboards! (Not to mention, longer lives on your appliances.)

Breathe Freely

Foul odors coming from your faucets? Our whole home filtration systems offer up more than just peace of mind, they omit sulfuric odors and allow your family to breathe easier with the fresh scent of clean.

Get in Touch with Your Water

Our team has been delivering residential and commercial water solutions to southeastern Wisconsin since 1982. Contact us today and join our list of satisfied customers!

Experience the Water Doctors Difference

Water Treatment Solutions for Everywhere You Are

Health isn’t just about water treatment. It’s about our approach as well. If you struggle with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivity or other health-related concerns, rest assured that our team is well versed in:

  • Providing fragrance and smoke-free visits
  • Using low-chemical plumbing installations when possible
  • Unboxing equipment to off-vent gasses from the manufacturing process
  • Ensuring proper ventilation during equipment install and service

Step Beyond Green to Healthy Logo, Cropped RoundAs a member of Step Beyond Green to Healthy, our team is dedicated towards providing health-centric water solutions for you and your family. From education on the impact of water quality to implementing solutions, we will help you take the necessary precautions.

Contact us today for more information, or simply let us know that you require special health accommodations when you schedule your appointment.

Your Home

Quality water is more than fancy fixtures and copper pipes. From Fido’s bowl to Junior’s bathtub, from bath time to bedside, water fuels your growing family. Give them the best water that you can. 

Your Office

Let  those awkward five gallon jugs be a thing of the past when you upgrade your office to a water filtration system today. Soften your water and remove the unnecessary sediments that lead to unsightly chalking and staining, improving the lifetime of your pipes and systems.

Kinetico S1400 - Commercial Equipment

Commercial & Industrial

When water is your business, make sure you’re using the best. Reduce downtime, maintenance, and keep it clean. Let Water Doctors and Kinetico run your water while you run your business.

  • Restaurants, food, and beverage
  • Car washes
  • Fitness centers
  • Meat processing
  • Tool and die facilities
  • Countertop fabricators
  • Wash plants
  • Food manufacturing
Right Size, Right Solution

Customized Water Filtration Systems

Water chemistry. Flow rates and volume. Number of bathrooms. Number of family members. At Water Doctors – your local water filtration company, we know that the right solution for your home starts with understanding the house in its entirety. Our water treatment experts will start with a comprehensive in-home water quality test as well as a plumbing audit to understand your unique situation.

We’ll build a treatment scenario based on your water chemistry, fixture count, and even offer you good, better, and best price point options to meet your precise needs. From water filtration to water softening, drinking systems, and more, we customize the right size and right solution for you.

Enjoy making your house your home.

Whole Home Filtration System

Water System Solutions

Salt Delivery & Service Areas

Serving Southeastern Wisconsin

Why carry those heavy bags of salt from the store to your car, then from your car to your softener? Purchase peace of mind with water softener salt delivery straight to your softener site! Prefer to do it yourself? Come visit our office at 901 N Grandview Boulevard in Waukesha and we’ll help load you up with what you need. Whether it’s a water softener in Richfield, whole house filtration in Franksville, water heater replacement in Johnson Creek, or anywhere in between, our team of plumbers and water experts are happy to serve your water system wants and needs.
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  • Waukesha
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