From the Ground to Your Glass

Water Quality Treatment for Private Wells

Get the best water possible out of your home’s well. Water Doctors tests and treats well water to ensure that it’s ready to drink and tastes great. Whether your pressure tank is malfunctioning, you notice strange tastes and odors, or you just want to check on the contents of your well, our team can provide the service and equipment that you need. Reach out to us with any concerns about using your well water, including:

Annual Water Quality Testing  |  Loss of Water Pressure  |  Equipment Not Working
Rusty Iron Stains  |  Rotten Egg Sulfur Smell


Remove Impurities & Funky Smells

Treatment Services for Well Owners

Untreated well water can contain iron, sulfur, bacteria, and other contaminants, but Water Doctors can help. Give your family soft, quality water that keeps them healthier and happier. Our multi-stage treatment process is custom-designed around your water’s unique makeup, eliminating harmful substances while making your water smell and taste great.

For assistance with your well’s pump or arsenic, bacteria, and nitrate testing for real estate transactions, we recommend our partners Water Diagnostics and 4-D Water Well & Pump Service.

A minimal text infographic of a contemporary drinking water well system. The image depicts an underground aquifer from which the electric pump draws water from the well to the house.

Well Water Testing

  • Annual quality testing
  • Know what’s in your well water
  • Identify minerals, organic compounds, chemicals, and more

Whole House Filtration

  • Banish iron, sulfur, and other common substances
  • Prevent  stains and mineral deposits
  • Get rid of foul smells and tastes

Softening Your Well Water

  • Counteract Southeast Wisconsin’s naturally hard water
  • Get more life out of your appliances
  • Prevent dry, itchy skin or dull hair

Contaminant Elimination

  • Ensure that your water is ready to drink and use
  • Protect your family from pathogens
  • Use your water with peace of mind
Well water filter system installed in a home's basement
Advice for First-time Well Owners

If you’re new to owning a private well, transitioning from municipal water to well water can feel daunting. Don’t be afraid! Trust the Water Doctors team to keep you “well” aware. Our tips for new homeowners:

  • When purchasing, check toilet tanks and shower heads for stains and mineral deposits
  • Consider writing a third-party water test into your offer (we’d be happy to help!)
  • Choose whether to buy or rent equipment
  • Get your equipment inspected and your water tested annually
  • Enjoy unfettered access to your private water supply!

For more tips, visit our blog, Private Well Water: Myths vs. Reality.

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