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Commercial Water Treatment Equipment

For decades, businesses across Southeast Wisconsin have trusted the Water Doctors team to keep their equipment running better, their facility cleaner, and their costs lower. We can design a system that takes into mind your unique needs, consumption rate, and water characteristics to enhance your operations and keep your equipment running smoothly, preventing:

Decreased Flow Rate  |  Equipment Breakdown  |  Higher Detergent Use
Dull Fixtures  |  Foul Odors

Designed for High Performance

The CP216 Commercial Water Softener from Water Doctors

Kinetico’s commercial softeners offer the flexibility that your business needs – in both setup and operation. Choose either the overdrive configuration for maximum flow or in an alternating configuration for maximum efficiency. Powered by the kinetic energy of moving water, this non-electric system features metered regeneration based on actual water usage and a twin tank design. This means reduced salt usage, maximum water efficiency, and a continuous uninterrupted supply of soft water even during regeneration. And, the corrosion-resistant valve and tank of this commercial rated system can endure even the harshest environments!

Kinetico CP216 commercial water filter

Improved Performance

Protect your capital, equipment, and facility investment by running clean, soft water through your systems. You’ll enjoy improved performance, less maintenance, and fewer service and warranty issues for years to come.

Enhanced Customer Experience

From better guest coffee and better ice water to enjoy, to consistent water pressure in the bathroom sinks, your customers, prospects, and employees alike will appreciate great quality water when they visit your business.

Reduced Janitorial Needs

Janitorial expenses are costly to your business. With highly efficient commercial water treatment, you can reduce the overall labor by minimizing chalky buildup, stains, and scum on fixtures and equipment throughout your facility.

Better Support and Service

Enjoy the service and support that Water Doctors is known for. We can repair or service most equipment, and make salt delivery, annual inspections, and cleanings simple with a Customer Care Plan designed just for you.

Water Treatment for All Commercial Applications
Female Hand set up white bed sheet in bedroom


Keep guest rooms looking cleaner and linens brighter while reducing your housekeeping labor and maintenance requests.

Professional technologist using tablet in production plant checking productivity and quality.

Pharmaceutical & Laboratory

Keep testing and processing equipment clean and free of contaminants and sediments that may skew lab results.

worker of the cutting room washing the cold room with water pressure equipment and dressed in hygienic clothing

Meat Processing

Reduce water consumption and improve recirculating and backwashing efforts for meat, poultry, and seafood processing.

Row of washing mashines in appliance store

Commercial Laundry

Use less detergent and improve brightness while protecting the investment in your commercial machines.

manual car washing with foam.

Car Wash

Reduce equipment malfunction and corrosion, improve spot-free rinse, and enjoy reliable performance during peak seasons.

Metalworking CNC milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology. Small depth of field. Warning - authentic shooting in challenging conditions. A little bit grain and maybe blurred.

Countertop Fabrication

Reduce dissolved and suspended solids that can drastically impact the performance of water cutting machines.

Red tomatoes fall into tanks filled with water to wash and come out clean for further processing.

Food Manufacturing

As a soaking, cleaning or processing agent, or simply a raw ingredient, enhance your manufacturing process and product.

Group of young people running on treadmills in sport gym

Fitness Centers

Improve guest experience while reducing janitorial and maintenance concerns in shower, pool, and steam room facilities.

Worker cleaning driveway with gasoline high pressure washer ,professional cleaning services.

And More

Across any industry, we have a commercial line of treatment options to meet your high consumption needs.

The Right Water Softener Options
Kinex salt monitor by Kinetico
Salt Monitors

Kinetico Kinex™ Salt Monitoring

Simplify your life with the Kinetico Kinex salt monitor. The days of manually checking your salt levels are behind you. With help from the salt monitor and the Kinetico app, you will receive alerts conveniently on your smartphone.
•  No guessing how much salt is in the tank
•  No hard water because the salt ran out
•  No stocking too much salt, just in case
•  No manually checking your brine tank

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