Removing Chlorine From Water

Removing Chlorine From Water

Most folks are now aware that chlorine is unhealthy in drinking water. According to U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risk to people who drink chlorinated water is 93 percent higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine. A part of the health concern is the chlorine.  A bigger component is that chlorine creates toxic disinfection byproducts. An example of these is a category called Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs).  This group represents 10’s of thousands of individual compounds.  Most of these are either known or believed carcinogens.  Chloroform is an example of these TTHM’s. The good news is that removing chlorine also reduces TTHM’s, insecticides, pesticides and more.

Drinking Water v. Whole House Filter

The minimum level of dechlorination for the average home is for drinking water. Many of the low-end carbon filters (refrigerators, Brita etc.) carry certifications that guarantee at least 50% elimination of chlorine. On higher-end carbon or reverse osmosis systems, the percent eliminated exceeds 99%. Whole-house filters that remove chlorine are among the fastest growing segment in water treatment.   There are three big reasons:
  1. Water Softener Life: The #1 reason that water softeners wear out on city water is the chlorine.  It is an oxidant that breaks down the softener resin into mush.  Short of mechanical valve failures, this is why a water softener is no longer providing soft water.
  2. Happier Skin and Hair:  A good dermatologist will recommend dechlorinating water.  A common source of ailments like dermatitis or eczema is the chlorine.   The chlorine that dries out the skin also dries out the hair.
  3. Safer Vapor In The Shower: Who doesn’t enjoy a good shower?  The steam, the hot water, the quiet.  By dechlorinating the water, shower vapors are free of chlorine, TTHMs and volatile organics.  Our circulatory and respiratory systems fight environmental contaminants that are out of our control.  Inside the shower, that’s in our control.
It’s generally better to remove chlorine on a whole home basis. Residential systems that remove chlorine generally range from $799-1,199.   The prices range based on the flow requirements of the home.  Contact us for an exact quote.
Ready to Remove the Chlorine?
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