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Iron Curtain Water Filtration System

How a Kinetico Water System Can Help Your Appliances
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Whether your water comes from a well or the municipal supply, chemicals, iron, and bacteria may be making their way into your water, but we can help! Whole house water filtration and disinfection systems from Water Doctors are designed to give you safer water and a simpler lifestyle. From easier cleaning and maintenance of your appliances, kitchen, and bath to a more enjoyable overall experience, we help combat these common issues:

Staining in Sinks & Toilets   |   Dry Skin & Hair   |   Chloramine Gasses
Poor Performing Water Softener   |   Bad Tasting Water

Remove the Rotten Egg Smell For Good

Iron Curtain Water Treatment: The Dangers Smuggled In Through Your Faucets

There are impurities in the average water supply in this country, some natural and others introduced to help with water safety. The latter category accounts for the chlorine smell and taste that can make drinking your household water seem like diving into the local swimming pool. At the natural end of the scale, water can contain more iron than it should, and that is easily remedied with our iron curtain water filter. We are Water Doctors, and we have been purifying water in Wisconsin since 1982.

Iron Curtain Water System For Health

One of the most common problems we have dealt with over the years is iron, and first of all, let’s clear up any confusion over this. Yes, iron is a naturally occurring element and the human body needs to have a certain amount of it. What you don’t need is too much of it, because then it can cause a whole list of health problems. Iron is stored in your internal organs, particularly the liver, heart and pancreas, and if there is too much of it, it can cause trouble in those places, as well as digestive issues. So, a good icon curtain water system can aid in keeping you healthy by removing those excess iron from your home water. Read More

Iron Curtain Filters To Protect Your Appliances

Another area where excess iron is undesirable is in your water-consuming appliances. Everything from the humble kettle to the washing machine and the dishwasher – expensive things to repair and replace – can be damaged by iron deposits. Even in the pipes that bring the water into the house, a nasty reddish-brown sludge can form, impairing the efficiency of the system and sometimes emerging through the faucet as a vile intruder in your home. A brown ring around a bathtub is further evidence of this. It makes the place look old, dirty and uncared-for. A guest in your house is going to go away with a tale to tell. They might have been given a warm welcome, but “the tea tasted metallic and you oughta see the bathroom! Don’t those people ever clean up?”

Iron in water is just one of the issues householders face, and Water Doctors is here to make your life better in this very basic way. In our business, iron curtain water treatment is one of the fundamentals, because we take your water very seriously. We want it to be good for drinking and washing, and we want to stop it from creating those unattractive dirty marks.

How Can I Get an Iron Curtain Water Filter System?

It’s a snappy name, we know, but it denotes a serious problem and we can solve it for you. In fact, we can solve majority of water purity issue you might have with our whole house water filter solutions. It’s what we do, and we are passionate about it. We believe every household deserves to have wonderful, pure water, and whether your supply comes from the municipal system or a well, we can get your H2O up to scratch. We have the experience and the expertise, backed up by using the best possible products including the world renowned Kinetico water softeners.

All you have to do is contact us – your local water filtration company – online or by phone, give us an idea of the issue you’re concerned about, and we will come and do a test of your water. It’s completely free! We’ll show you what needs to be done and how we can do it, then recommend the perfect iron curtain filter to help you. It’s your decision, of course, and once you’ve made it we will install the equipment and make sure you’ve got water you can enjoy and be proud of.

So get in touch as soon as you like and let’s get an Iron Curtain Water Treatment keeping you safe and sound.

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Kinetico Powerline Pro 10

Iron Filtration

Combat rust stains and remove the metallic aftertaste of your water with an iron filtration system. Systems like the Kinetico Powerline ™ PRO Series filters are the perfect choice for efficient iron removal, leaving you with crystal clear, sediment-free water.

Odor Solutions

Rid your water of that rotten-egg smell. Our whole house oxidizing systems are designed to remove sulfur from your water, while producing salt and water savings when combined with a Kinetico water softener. An added benefit to sulfer-free water in your home!


Dry, itchy skin. Dull, damaged hair. These are just a few effects of chlorine and chloramine in your water. Dechlorination filters help remove these unhealthy chemicals while extending the life and efficiency of your water softener.


Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more! Treat these harmful, unhealthy, chlorine-resistant contaminants with an ultraviolet light treatment system. Water safety is easy, affordable, and can be done without introducing chemicals to your water supply.

Testing the Water in Your Home or Work

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The best water quality starts with science. Our team of water treatment experts start by testing the water in your home, office, or commercial facility, ensuring the solutions we recommend are perfectly customized to your unique needs. Schedule your FREE water test today.

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  • Hardness test
  • Drinking water test
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