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Facility managers only have so many hours in the day. From unexpected equipment breakdowns to proactively planning for facility expansions and renovations, we know that maintaining your water treatment systems isn’t always on the front of your mind. Fortunately, in today’s world of technology and customer service, it doesn’t have to be. Today we’re here to share more about your water treatment systems and how you can save time and energy by automating these services through Water Doctors and the Kinetico family of products.

Regular Water Testing

Many people take a “set it and forget it” approach to water treatment, but in reality, the changing conditions, usage rates, and overall quality require regular attention. From seasonality to facility or shift-work expansion, your water treatment needs may change and evolve over time. Additional changes in your city or private water source mean the need to treat or soften water may change as well.

It’s not uncommon for commercial and industrial customers to have their water tested and systems adjusted or expanded on an annual, semi-annual, or more frequent basis. Our team can proactively schedule these water quality tests, provide recommendations, and ensure your system’s performance meets the demands of business.

Salt Monitoring Equipment

Few frustrations plague facility managers more than replenishing consumable products, such as the salt in your water softener. Oftentimes it isn’t a matter of doing it, it’s a matter of remembering to do it. The new salt monitoring system from Kinetico is the perfect solution for busy facility managers. It installs easily on your existing equipment to monitor the salt levels in your brine tank, keeps a record of refilling rates and requirements, and also notifies you when the tank is running low on salt. You can also check the salt levels remotely, should you be out of the facility at the time. And, as a commercial customer of Water Doctors, you can have the Kinetico Kinex notify us directly that your tank is running low, taking you out of the equation entirely!

Water Softener Salt Delivery

Taking a cue from your new Kinetico Kinex salt monitor, when it’s time to restock on salt, nothing is easier than water softener salt delivery. Between the cost of fuel, availability of fleet vehicles, and tight labor pool, there’s no need to send an employee to pick up water softener salt. Our team can put you on a regular delivery schedule for just 8 bags, or for palette loads at a time. You can even call on demand when you are running low and leave the hauling and delivery to us.

Leak Detection & Monitoring

Sprawling facilities or areas that aren’t frequently accessed can cause an area of risk for any business. Instead of spreading yourself thin trying to inspect the water lines and equipment throughout your building (or buildings), you can now get notifications of leaks or floods directly to your phone. This scalable system offers one hub that can pair with up to 31 sensors indoors or out. An automatic water shut-off valve also is available, which turns off the main water line as soon as a sensor detects a leak. Perfect for underutilized or low-access areas, keep damage at bay while you are away!

Customer Care Program

Last but not least, we’ve rolled the regular maintenance and equipment cleanings into one easy program. From equipment inspections to brine tank cleanings, resin cleaning and replacement, product and service discounts, and more, the responsibility of maintaining your water systems is put on our team. Our technicians can design a custom Commercial Care Plan that is unique to your needs and systems. This all-in-one approach to maintenance is a Facility Manager’s favorite and can be billed monthly or annually as desired.

Bottom line…we know you are busy. But that doesn’t stop your water treatment systems from needing attention and maintenance from time to time. So between technology to make your life simpler and support from Water Doctors, we hope it stretches your maintenance crew’s time a bit further. Because that’s what we all need – a little less work and a little more help. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business succeed!

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