High-Quality Water Means High-Quality Performance

Industrial Water Systems for Manufacturers

Water is an essential part of your business. It touches everything you do, from cooling machinery to washing components. If your water quality isn’t up to the job, your costs will keep going up and the quality of your finished products will keep going down. It’s time for a smarter solution. Water Doctors works with your unique manufacturing setup to determine flow rates and configure the right water system for your needs.

Water Doctors is an authorized independent Kinetico dealer. That means we’re experts in the highest-rated industrial and commercial water systems on the market.

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Protect Your Bottom Line

Lower Manufacturing Costs With Quality Water

Over time, poor quality water can cost you thousands, if not more. Without treatment, residue and sediment in your water reduces the efficiency of your machinery, shortens the lifespan of expensive components, and sends chemical costs through the roof. A high-performance water system is a smart investment in your business.

At Water Doctors, we take the time to find the right water treatment solution for you. By using clean, quality water, you can:

  • Get more life out of your equipment
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Save money on replacement parts, chemicals, and maintenance

Our dual-tank, non-electric systems reduce downtime and keep your water quality consistent, even at high volumes.

Quality Water Improves Your Finished Product

If you’re cutting, welding, painting, or powder-coating metal parts, you know that spotless, contaminant-free water is a top priority. Dissolved solids or residue in your water can cause all kinds of issues.

With clean, soft water from an industry-leading water treatment system, you can eliminate quality issues like:

  • Paint and coating adherence
  • Streaking
  • Corrosion
  • Warranty coverage
  • And more!

Quality water keeps your manufacturing equipment running at peak performance and your business running smoothly.

The Water Doctors Difference
Designed for High Performance

Kinetico Products

Kinetico’s commercial water treatment products offer the flexibility that your business needs–in both setup and operation.

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Salt Delivery

Did you know we deliver water softener salt? Save time and save your back, we’re in your neighborhood!

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Better Support

We make repairs, salt delivery, inspections, and cleanings simple with a Customer Care Plan that’s right for your business.

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