High-Quality Water Means High-Quality Performance

Industrial Water Systems for Wash Plants

Water is an essential resource for any commercial wash plant. If your water quality isn’t up to the job, your costs will keep going up and the quality of your finished products will keep going down. It’s time for a smarter solution. Water Doctors works with you to configure the right water system for your business’s unique needs.

Water Doctors is an authorized independent Kinetico dealer. That means we’re experts in the highest-rated industrial and commercial water systems on the market.

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Improve Your Finished Product

Clean Water Prevents Common Problems

If you’re galvanizing, painting, or powder-coating metal parts, you know that spotless, contaminant-free water for your wash plant is a top priority. Dissolved solids and residue in untreated or contaminated water can cause all kinds of issues.

With clean, soft water from an industry-leading water treatment system, you can eliminate quality issues like:

  • Paint and coating adherence
  • Streaking
  • Corrosion
  • Rust
  • Bubbling
  • And more!

Quality water makes your metal components spotlessly clean and keeps your business running smoothly.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Keep Costs Down With Quality Water

Over time, poor quality water can cost you thousands, if not more. Without treatment, residue and sediment in your water add lots of unexpected costs:

  • Higher return and fail rates due to quality control issues
  • Increased expenses and problems related to warranties
  • Reduced efficiency of essential equipment
  • Frequent replacements for expensive components
  • Soaring chemical costs

A high-performance water system for your wash plant is a smart investment in your business.

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Kinetico Products

Kinetico’s commercial water treatment products offer the flexibility that your business needs–in both setup and operation.

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Personalized Solutions

We’ll design a water quality system for your business that accounts for your unique operational needs and water characteristics.

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We make repairs, salt delivery, inspections, and cleanings simple with a Customer Care Plan that’s right for your business.

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