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Choosing the best water softener for your home is our passion. From testing the water chemistry to recommending the right size and style for your family, we have helped thousands of homeowners remove hard water from their vocabulary and their homes, while dealing with a number of other water issues like iron, sulfur, and chlorine that are found throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Be it our dual tank non-electric softener models, to our more traditional single tank electric softeners, all from the experts at Kinetico, our systems are designed to eliminate the water quality challenges in your home.

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Appliance Breakdowns   |   Spotty Dishes & Faded Laundry

Uninterrupted Soft Water in Your Home

Cut the Contaminants Out with the Kinetico Powerline Pro

Water issues are actually quite easy to ignore; that’s how they eventually get you. You get used to the usual limescale buildup, even if it’s annoying on cleaning days and unsightly for guests to look at. You tell yourself for the longest time that that nasty smell isn’t coming from the water itself; maybe it’s the pipes, or something else in the house. You might notice the colors of your favorite clothes getting dull and the fabrics getting stiff; that’s just wear and tear, right? It can’t be helped. Eventually, you’re living with a half dozen different problems that cost you your money and your time. Eventually, you come face to face with a hefty repair bill for your washing machine, dishwasher, heater, boiler, and more, all because the water has been damaging these appliances the whole time. Read More

We know how easy it is to ignore the relatively minor annoyances of poor quality water; that’s why we at Water Doctors have made it really easy to call us and get a solution. When you call us to get your free water quality test, we can tell you whether the kinetico powerline pro filter is right for you. Once we’ve confirmed that it is, we perform an expert installation and help you understand your new water filter. With the Powerline Pro filtering out the iron and sulfur from your water, you’ll start noticing subtle changes to your water quality. You’ll see your clothing last longer and look brighter. Your kitchen and bathrooms will shine like new without any staining. Most importantly, you and your family will be just a little comfier every single day, and that’s a difference not many products can make so clearly and tangibly.

What are the Signs You Need the Kinetico Powerline Pro Series?

So, you’ve noticed that your water quality just isn’t going to cut it. You want to filter out everything that’s causing you grief. The problem is, you’re not sure which system is your solution. Which Kinetico water softener tackles the particular symptoms you’ve noticed? When you notice symptoms with your health, you call your doctor; when you notice them in your water, you call your Water Doctors. Sit back; we’ll give you a handy checklist for knowing if the Kinetico Powerline Pro is ideal for you.

The Kinetico Powerline Pro Series is designed to remove iron and sulfur from your water supply similar to an iron curtain water filter. Other contaminants might also be reduced, but these two are significantly reduced by the system. So, if you’re dealing with obvious signs of iron, sulfur, or both, there’s no better water treatment system on the market right now. Both of these are filtered out using a series of media barriers. The media is wide enough to still allow easy water flow while catching the larger particles of iron and sulfur, trapping these within the system.

Have you noticed a nasty odor coming from your water supply? Does it seem to have a rotten egg smell all the time? Does it have an odd and unpleasant taste, too? If that sounds familiar, you’re dealing with sulfur. The main effect of sulfur is the signature egg smell, which is off-putting enough. However, sulfur can also corrode your pipes faster than usual, leading to repairs and replacements sooner than you’d like. You might also notice yellow staining on some of your silverware if you have a particularly high sulfur content in your water. While sulfur is perfectly safe to ingest, it’s unpleasant, inconvenient, and even damaging to your home. It might not be unhealthy, but you don’t want it around anyway.

On the other hand, you might be seeing orange stains on your sinks and showerheads. If you’re very unlucky, you might notice light staining on your clothes after washing them, too. Sometimes there is also subtle metallic taste that you may notice in the water which signifies the presence of iron. Iron is actually very healthy in small amounts, but it’s usually excessive when it gets into your water supply. It also causes issues around your home. Besides the staining, iron can cause clogs in your pipes, which also leads to repair bills. Iron can also yellow your teeth over time; that’s a lesser known effect, but it’s one of the worse ones.

Call Us for a Free Water Test

Water is a basic human right. Yours shouldn’t be subpar. Whether you’re looking for water treatment company in Waukesha, Milwaukee or Madison, we’re here to serve you. Call us in for a free water quality test, and we’ll help you find the ideal solution.

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Kinetico, world's most efficient water softners
Kinetico Powerline Pro 10

World’s Most Efficient

Independent testing by the Water Quality Association (WQA) rates select Kinetico models as the world’s most efficient water softeners, measuring the amount of hardness removed per pound of salt used.

Generous Flow Rates

Designed for homes with normal to high water usage, Premier Series softeners deliver generous flow rates without forfeiting water softness. Large family? Loads of laundry? Trust the Kinetico Premier Series.

Precise Operation

Kinetico’s patent-pending XP feature allows precise settings for your home’s specific water conditions. Customized to your unique needs, enjoy efficiency, operational cost savings, and waste reduction at its best.

Longest Warranties

With unparalleled service life, Kinetico water softeners boast the industry’s longest, most comprehensive warranties. Many models start out at 10 years for parts, 2 years for labor!

Person holding their phone with the Kinetico Salt Monitor app
Salt Monitors

Kinetico Kinex™ Salt Monitoring

Simplify your life with the Kinetico Kinex salt monitor. The days of manually checking your salt levels are behind you. With help from the salt monitor and the Kinetico app, you will receive alerts conveniently on your smartphone
•  No guessing how much salt is in the tank
•  No hard water because the salt ran out
•  No stocking too much salt, just in case
•  No manually checking your brine tank
Visit our office during normal hours to purchase a salt monitor or give us a call for more information.​

See Salt Monitoring App

Testing the Water in Your Home or Work

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The Right Water Testing Methods, the Right Solution

The best water quality starts with science. Our team of water treatment experts start by testing the water in your home, office, or commercial facility, ensuring the solutions we recommend are perfectly customized to your unique needs. Schedule your FREE water test today.

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Rental Program
Water Softener Rental Program

On a budget? Thinking about a move and unsure if you want to purchase equipment for your home? Just prefer the convenience and easy payments a rental water softener offers? At Water Doctors, we have rental programs to fit your unique needs and allow you to purchase peace of mind.
•  Starting at only $25.99 a month (plus tax)
•  Never worry about repairs or warranty concerns again
•  Service calls, parts, and replacement included in your rental price

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