Radium In Waukesha Water

It’s been pretty well-reported that the radium in Waukesha water exceeds federal health guidelines.

Radium is a naturally occurring radioactive carcinogen.  It is definitely unhealthy.

Here is the reality:  there is radium in the Waukesha city supply it is probably not in your water.

Water Softener & Radium Removal

A functioning water softener removes the overwhelming majority of radium.  For example, the certifications on our Premier series water softeners exceed 80% elimination.

As Waukesha water is narrowly over the health rule, a reduction of 80% puts the radium in Waukesha water well below the limit.

If you are on Waukesha municipal water, you either have or should have a water softener.   It might be for appliance life.  It might be to save on energy costs.  It might be to save on cleaning product cost.  It might be simply for softer skin and hair.

But it is also removing the majority of that radium.

How Does A Water Softener Remove Radium in Waukesha Water?

Water softeners operate on this concept of “ion selectivity.”  What it means is that the “most attractive” ion is going to stick to the resin.  On a basic level, radioactive thingies are more attractive than rock-based thingies.  More or less, a water softener will look first for radium, then settle for calcium.

Is It Safe To Drink Soft Water?

Kind of.  There is no concern over the tiny amount of sodium.  The level varies based on your water’s hardness.  Many people have softened water with less sodium than many bottled waters.

What we’re comparing is a radioactive carcinogen v. a level of sodium that is not an issue on the Mayo Clinic’s 2,000 mg diet.  The sodium is definitely not worse than the radioactive carcinogen.

Personally, I don’t like softened water.  I drink from a reverse osmosis system, but that isn’t from sodium concerns.  Most of the things I’d prefer not to put in my body are odorless, colorless and tasteless.

Specific to radium, a functioning water softener will have almost undetectable levels.

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