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Introducing the Kinetico Salt Monitoring App
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Choosing the best water softener for your home is our passion. From testing the water chemistry to recommending the right size and style for your family, we have helped thousands of homeowners remove hard water from their vocabulary and their homes, while dealing with a number of other water issues like iron, sulfur, and chlorine that are found throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Be it our dual tank non-electric softener models, to our more traditional single tank electric softeners, all from the experts at Kinetico, our systems are designed to eliminate the water quality challenges in your home.

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Uninterrupted Soft Water in Your Home

Introducing the Kinetico Signature Series Water Softener

If you don’t know about all the water treatment options out there, you might not pay attention to all the little issues you get from hard water. You might assume it’s barely noticeable and little more than a mild inconvenience. A lot of the time, that’s all it is. But behind the scenes, inside your appliances and plumbing, hard water might be slowly costing you a small fortune in repair and replacement bills. Read More

You see, hard water carries excess minerals, but those minerals don’t just stay in the water. Trace amounts are always left behind wherever your water flows. Over time, those little amounts form chalky mineral deposits; eventually, those deposits get large enough to cause issues for pipes and appliances.

They disrupt the water flow, reducing pressure while also forcing your appliances to work much harder than they should to function. That causes the big, expensive items like dishwashers and washing machines to wear out much faster than usual. Meanwhile, your partially clogged pipes are resulting in less water pressure and less effective heating. In other words, hard water is not a fun time for anyone.

That’s why as your local water treatment company we offer the best water softening systems on the market here at Water Doctors. And because we’re seasoned professionals, we pair all types of Kinetico Signature Series Water Softener with world-class installation, maintenance, and service overall. We make sure you get a quality system for your needs, and we make sure it lasts as long as possible with reliable upkeep and attentive repairs and replacements. You’re in good hands with us.

Signature Series Water Softeners from Kinetico: What are the Benefits?

What makes the Kinetico Signature Series so good? It all has to do with their reliability and long-term affordability. They don’t just pay for themselves; they hardly cost anything utilities wise.

The first advantage of the Signature Series is its kinetic force system. Instead of running on electricity, this water softener uses the force of the water itself to function, meaning it doesn’t add to your electrical bills. You might expect a device like this to be quite power hungry, but it’s the total opposite. Because of it’s non-electric setup, it’s affordable, consistent, and good for the environment, too. Plus, it’s the best choice if you live in an area with frequent power outages. With an electric system, you’d likely be stuck with hard water until the power returned; with this model, it’s smooth sailing one way or another.

The second big benefit of the Signature Series is its dual-tank setup. You see, Kinetico water softeners usually come in single-, double-, or multi-tank configurations. Single-tank systems are good if you can afford to go a few hours without softened water, as they become unavailable while regenerating, or self-cleaning. However, the Signature Series water softener from Kinetico is a dual-tank system, which means it’s always available to soften water. Each tank regenerates individually; while one is self-cleaning, the other is still up and running, and vice versa. If your schedule means you need soft water to always be there, this is the water treatment system for you.

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At Water Doctors, we’ll help you find the right system, Signature Series, Kinetico Premier Series or otherwise. Call us at 262 549 7733 to schedule your free water quality test.

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Kinetico Signature 735 water softner

World’s Most Efficient

Independent testing by the Water Quality Association (WQA) rates select Kinetico models as the world’s most efficient water softeners, measuring the amount of hardness removed per pound of salt used.

Generous Flow Rates

Designed for homes with normal to high water usage, Premier Series softeners deliver generous flow rates without forfeiting water softness. Large family? Loads of laundry? Trust the Kinetico Premier Series.

Precise Operation

Kinetico’s patent-pending XP feature allows precise settings for your home’s specific water conditions. Customized to your unique needs, enjoy efficiency, operational cost savings, and waste reduction at its best.

Longest Warranties

With unparalleled service life, Kinetico water softeners boast the industry’s longest, most comprehensive warranties. Many models start out at 10 years for parts, 2 years for labor!

Person holding their phone with the Kinetico Salt Monitor app
Salt Monitors

Kinetico Kinex™ Salt Monitoring

Simplify your life with the Kinetico Kinex salt monitor. The days of manually checking your salt levels are behind you. With help from the salt monitor and the Kinetico app, you will receive alerts conveniently on your smartphone
•  No guessing how much salt is in the tank
•  No hard water because the salt ran out
•  No stocking too much salt, just in case
•  No manually checking your brine tank
Visit our office during normal hours to purchase a salt monitor or give us a call for more information.​

See Salt Monitoring App

Testing the Water in Your Home or Work

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The Right Water Testing Methods, the Right Solution

The best water quality starts with science. Our team of water treatment experts start by testing the water in your home, office, or commercial facility, ensuring the solutions we recommend are perfectly customized to your unique needs. Schedule your FREE water test today.

  • Iron test
  • Hardness test
  • Drinking water test
The Right Water Softener Options
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Rental Program
Water Softener Rental Program

On a budget? Thinking about a move and unsure if you want to purchase equipment for your home? Just prefer the convenience and easy payments a rental water softener offers? At Water Doctors, we have rental programs to fit your unique needs and allow you to purchase peace of mind.
•  Starting at only $25.99 a month (plus tax)
•  Never worry about repairs or warranty concerns again
•  Service calls, parts, and replacement included in your rental price

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