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A clean, contaminant-free home, including pure water, is vital to your family’s wellbeing. At Water Doctors, improving your water quality is just the beginning. We strive to support your health throughout our entire approach to water treatment. Water Doctors is a proud member of Step Beyond Green to Healthy, joining forces with other businesses to provide healthy living environments for homeowners.

What Is Step Beyond Green to Healthy?

Step Beyond Green to Healthy is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and advocating for healthier indoor environments. It includes a collective of businesses related to homeownership and residential construction, from architects to electricians to realtors, that are aligned in our purpose to create living spaces that do more than protect the environment: they protect your health, too.

Back in 2011, the organization’s founder and executive director, Jonathan Synovic, was asked to build a “healthy” home. This sparked questions and investigations into chemical sensitivity and how chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) negatively impact health. Construction can involve a wide variety of VOCs, which can be found in everything from adhesives to sealants, that are then released into the home. Some people have more chemical sensitivity, meaning they’re particularly susceptible to short- or long-term health issues related to VOCs and other chemicals. For example, think of how the puffs of perfume in a department store make some people smile and some people wheeze–that’s chemical sensitivity.

The Water Doctors team had noticed similar struggles with some of our own customers, like sensitive skin becoming irritated from the compounds in untreated water. Discovering these issues made it clear that we needed to take action, since helping people improve their homes and their lives is so important to us. We soon connected with Jonathan and contributed our insights and energy to the organization, driven by our passion for healthy living and supporting our customers.

Step Beyond Green to Healthy educates contractors like Water Doctors by sharing the right questions to ask our customers and providing recommendations for working safely in homes. Every business that participates undergoes special training and ongoing education about best practices for minimizing the emission of chemicals and other harmful substances. The organization also helps homeowners identify sources of VOCs in their environment and connect with businesses that can serve their particular health needs.

How Does Water Doctors Step Beyond Green?

As a member of Step Beyond Green to Healthy, Water Doctors is committed to supporting your health by minimizing your interaction with harmful chemicals. If you or a family member has chemical sensitivity, allergies, asthma, or similar concerns, we’re more than happy to tailor our visit to accommodate your needs.

  • We can provide fragrance-free visits, asking our staff not to use perfumed products before providing services in your home.
  • Weeks before visiting your home, we can unpack any products we’ll be using in our warehouse to allow for adequate off-gassing.
  • Our team always provides proper ventilation during installations and service.
  • When possible, we can use different types of plumbing materials and glues that minimize the chemicals in your home.

If you have another concern, just ask! We’ll do what we can to alleviate your issues and give you the best possible living space.

Health Goes Beyond Pure Water

At the heart of it, Water Doctors and Step Beyond Green to Healthy have the same goal: to help people live better lives in their homes. We understand that everyone has different reactions and health needs and want to work with you to improve your living environment in any way we can. That starts with high-quality water and extends to every aspect of our services.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you, or simply mention any special health accommodations you require when you schedule an appointment.

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Water Doctors

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