The Irony Of Bottle Bans

Reading through some of my old feed reader items, here’s the timing in Washington state.

March 24 From “A boil order remained in place Monday for about 6,000 people in Spokane Valley as new details emerged about how people were notified. ”

March 25 From Ban the Bottle: “Congratulations to Western Washington University! After nearly 3 years of campaigning, WWU has voted to end the sale of bottled water on their campus beginning April 1, 2014.”

Yes, they are different parts of Washington, fine. Yes, we do, in general, agree with significant reductions in the plastic waste from bottled water. That’s great.

We don’t take that a step further in terms of supporting bans. Managing the biological safety of one’s water is a personal responsibility.

Ultraviolet light sanitation technology is available at a reasonable cost and I can put that sanitized water in my reusable bottle. Should I end up being away from home for longer than anticipated, I simply don’t understand why my options should include only chlorinated tap water of uncertain safety or soft drinks.

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Water Doctors

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