San Francisco Proposes Bottled Water Ban

Without a doubt, we’re not huge fans of the sheer waste of bottled water and, let’s be candid, a lot of bottled water is not good.  Much of it is merely filtered and many of the bigger brands are adding back in sodium…not a bad way to keep us drinking bottle water.

The story is this.  San Francisco had some legislation come to the table to ban the sale of bottled water in bottles of 21 ounces or less on city and county property.   So concerts, festivals, even food trucks are banned.

Considering that most facilities aren’t exactly crazy about you carrying your lovely water from one of our drinking systems into a venue in a BPA-free bottle, we kind of side with the International Bottled Water Association on this one, someone buying a bottle of water seems still better than buying a soft drink in a plastic bottle with the same amount of waste anyway.


Water Doctors

Water Doctors

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