Milwaukee Receives Green Infrastructure Grant

The EPA is continuing to scatter green infrastructure grants throughout the Great Lakes.   Racine saw a $250k grant and Buffalo received a $500k grant.

A big number dropped close to home as well with Milwaukee taking in a $1,000,000 grant.   These are all giant steps in the right direction.  We’ve been using our lakes and rivers as wastebaskets for a long time.  So minimizing the damage from flooding or minimizing our footprint with things like porous pavement or green rooftops does make a lot of sense.

We’ve been selling the greenest softeners on the planet for 30+ years back when people laughed at us when talking about the costs of water.  In fairness, we probably deserved to be laughed at.  Water was a buck or two per 1,000 gallons.  With water prices skyrocketing, anything we can do to offset the damage of water that is merely running back to the lake makes a lot of sense.   These projects aren’t really about impacting the quality of our drinking water nor will they make the hard water of Lake Michigan approach soft, but they do lessen the environmental impact of man on water.  That’s not altogether awful.

Now if we could just do something about these potholes…

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Water Doctors

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