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It’s the EPA’s Fix a Leak Week again.  We’re lucky in the Midwest, as expensive as our water seems, it is a steal compared the rest of the country.  Still, the EPA estimates that upwards of one trillion gallons of water are wasted annually.

For context, many communities around here would see bills of around $12/1,000 gallons of combined sewer/water.  This is almost impossible to believe, but there might be $12,000,000,000 literally going down the drain per year.

We’re pitching in to help.  If you are near our office, please stop in.  We have toilet leak detection tablets–they’re absolutely free.  If you’re friends with us on Facebook, shoot us a note and we’ll send out a few packets to you.  If you’re not friends with us (yet), now is a good time.

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Water Doctors

Water Doctors

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