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Fertilizer in Drinking Water

We know that fertilizers and pesticides are directly related to various cancers, but didn’t know the leading source of fertilizers per acre until recently.

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The Irony Of Bottle Bans

March 24 From “A boil order remained in place Monday for about 6,000 people in Spokane Valley as new details emerged about how people were notified. ”

March 25 From Ban the Bottle: “Congratulations to Western Washington University! After nearly 3 years of campaigning, WWU has voted to end the sale of bottled water on their campus beginning April 1, 2014.”

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Chlorine In Drinking Water

Chlorine in drinking water isn’t new, nor is research documenting the nearly doubled risks of cancer. Removing chlorine from your drinking water is easy, cost-effective and dramatically reduces the cost and waste of bottled water.

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DIY Granite Cleaner

$7 for a 12 ounce bottle of granite cleaner?  No thanks. Most everyone knows not to use Windex and the like on granite.  Avoid citrus, vinegar

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DIY Rust Cleaners

The best way to remove rust and iron staining is to avoid it altogether.  Depending on if you are dealing with ferrous or ferric iron,

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DIY CLR Cleaner

It is amazing how many bottles we see of CLR when walking into homes.  In fairness, this part of the state (yes, that includes Lake

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