Why Gentle Is Better: Water Softener for House

Why Water Softener System for the Whole House?

The first time you came across the term hard water, you may have thought it was a silly expression, a contradiction in terms. If water was hard, how could it flow through pipes? How could it lap peacefully on the shore or even lash the rocks during a storm?

But that is all to do with a physical state: Water is liquid. Ice is solid. Steam is neither solid nor liquid; it’s a vapor or gas.

What hard means when applied to water is that it contains relatively high levels of calcium and magnesium, and as you may remember from science class, those two have a solid state. A whole house water softener gets rid of these two undesirables – but why exactly are they undesirable? Calcium is defined as an alkaline earth metal, and in the form of calcium carbonate it shows up naturally in limestone. Magnesium is also an alkaline earth metal.

Okay, chemistry lesson over. Given that there is such a thing as hard water, why is soft water better? The answer is that soft water fits in with our idea of purity. If you shower in hard water, your skin and hair are going to feel crusty, and your hair may look unkempt; that’s those chemicals showing themselves. A house water softener keeps them out of the shower and the bathroom as a whole, but also out of the kitchen and whatever you may call that little room out back, where the washing machine might go. That is important because, just as we don’t want a crusty feeling on our body, we don’t want it in our clothes either, and deposits can build up in appliances that use water, because they are actually using not just pure water but these concealed substances too.

At Water Doctors, we have been dealing with this – and all other aspects of water purity – since 1982. Our water softener system for whole house use sodium to displace the unwanted elements, but without causing a sodium overload instead. Once the water softener system is installed, we will keep you supplied with the sodium and check the water periodically to see it stays up to the required standard. Customer service is something we’re very proud of, because in addition to using our experience and expertise, we want our customers to feel looked-after. We are proud to be a tried and trusted water filtration company in Southeastern Wisconsin.

How Can I get a Water Softener System for the Whole House?

Just give Water Doctors a call or fill in the online form and we can make an appointment to come and test your water. We’ll go through our findings with you and recommend a solution. When you have decided which of our various kinetico water softener systems you want, we’ll come and install it, monitor the results and keep you covered. In the future, whether you’re using municipal water or it comes from a well, we will have your supply back to the optimum condition for drinking, cooking and washing. Good water is a fundamental requirement for daily life, so contact us and let’s get your water back to its natural perfection.

Water Doctors

Water Doctors

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