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Removing Chlorine From Water

Removing Chlorine From Water Most folks are now aware that chlorine is unhealthy in drinking water. According to U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risk

Carbon Drinking Water Filters

Carbon drinking water fiters is one of the oldest technologies available for drinking water. Sanskrit texts from 2,000 B.C. speak about filtering water over charcoal

Chlorine In Drinking Water

Chlorine in drinking water isn’t new, nor is research documenting the nearly doubled risks of cancer. Removing chlorine from your drinking water is easy, cost-effective and dramatically reduces the cost and waste of bottled water.

Seattle looking at bottled water ban?

Looks like the Seahawks v. 49ers feud has spilled over a bit.

Looks like Seattle is doing what it can to one-up San Francisco on bottled water bans.

We applaud the environmentally-conscious and 100% agree that plastic bottle waste is extensive, totaling upwards of 13% of our annual landfill waste. What we tend to question is not the merit of the concept of reducing bottled water waste, but “tap-is-never-bad” beliefs of our friends at organizations like

Water Disinfection: Then and Now

Our friends at Water and Health wrote a quick post a few days back about a The Chlorine Revolution, a book detailing the beginning days of water

Chlorine Taste and Smell in Drinking Water

We kind of have a love-hate relationship with chlorine around here.   It’s one of the oldest technologies still being utilized.  It all but stopped

Bad Tasting, Smelly Drinking Water

There are many things that can give drinking water  bad taste and smelly odors.  It could be chemicals used to treat your drinking water, environmental

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